Home News Cap-and-trade delay for EU airlines

Cap-and-trade delay for EU airlines


European Union gives airlines 85% break in first year

A controversial cap-and-trade scheme scheduled to be imposed on airlines from 2012 will now be eased so that carriers can invest the money in renewing their fleets. Jos Delbeke, the EU’s director general for climate action, made the announcement on Monday that airlines will be permitted to emit 85% of their limit free of charge throughout 2012 and instead use the funds to contribute to the modernisation of their fleets.
The environmental regulations have been designed to limit the carbon dioxide emissions of power plants, factories and – from next year – airlines flying to and from the European Union, by giving tradable permits for every ton of carbon emitted.
[pictured: C-141 Starlifter aircraft leaves contrails above Antarctica; courtesy US Air Force]


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