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Cable car planned for Sollentuna


Cable car to stretch between Häggvik and Väsjön

Sollentuna Municipality says it is moving ahead with plans for a cable car between Häggvik and Väsjön. Earlier this week, it was decided that the municipal executive should be asked to prepare a planning program for future cable transport.

In a pilot study the municipality looked at the possibility to complement the bus service by running a cable car between Väsjön and Häggvik station. Benefits for travellers would be high mobility and shorter rides.

Other advantages are that a cable car is fast to build, has little impact in terms of air and noise, takes a little land space and is economically advantageous.

The next step in the planning process will be a dialogue with residents and finding the most suitable route.

TTG Nordic

[pictured: Artist’s impression of cable car viewed from Ribbingsväg in Edsbergsvägen; image courtesy Sollentuna Municipality]


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