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Cabin crew vote to end BA dispute


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Long-running dispute ends as mixed fleet crew accept deal
British Airways’ long-running dispute with cabin crew has ended after they voted to accept a pay deal.
The union Unite said that 84% of its members who work for BA’s mixed fleet crew voted to accept the airline’s offer.
Members of the mixed fleet cabin crew have taken more than 80 days of industrial action against BA in the dispute over poor pay, which led to the airline chartering aircraft from Qatar Airways to allow it to maintain services during strike periods.
“A great deal of credit should go to Unite members and their shop stewards in British Airways’ mixed fleet for their determination and solidarity in securing this settlement,” said Len McCluskey, the union’s general secretary.
“Through thick and thin, Unite members stuck together to secure a decent pay rise and a just resolution to this long running dispute.
“Not only does this pay deal start to seriously address longstanding concerns on low pay in British Airways’ mixed fleet, but it also shows that it pays to be a member of a union and of Unite.”
The deal will see crew members receive increases of up to £2,908 (€3,313) by March 2018, depending on their experience. Travel concessions and bonus entitlements will also be returned to crew who were involved in the industrial action. BA commented: “We are pleased the dispute has been resolved.”


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