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Business travellers want chain not boutique


Chain hotel is “as comfortable as anyone could expect”

A regular business traveller explains how chain hotels have the edge over boutique properties when people are travelling for business purposes. Why? They offer reliability.

“When I’m traveling on business, as I have been the past two weeks, I require the following in a hotel: a comfortable bed, a bathroom, reliable Wi-Fi, adequate space to work and a good location,” he says.

On this recent trip he had the opportunity to compare the Marriott Courtyard Iberville on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, and the highly rated 31-room Soniat House.

Soniat House is on a relatively quiet street and has an ornate little courtyard and a “sense of place,” a popular phrase in the hotel industry these days. But the small room, which was more expansive than the Marriott, had no place to use a laptop, and had a tiny TV and ancient bathroom fixtures.

At the Marriott the writer had “a small suite with a couch and a desk, and I was as comfortable as anyone could reasonably expect to be when living in a big, busy hotel for two weeks.”

When working on the road, “local colour” is not high on the agenda for business travellers.

The New York Times

[image courtesy Marriott Courtyard Iberville]


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