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Business fliers will buy ancillary on day of travel


For airlines and travel sellers, timing of offers is key

Good news for airlines is that business travellers will buy ancillary products that improve their travel experience, but only if the products reach their mobile devices on the day they travel, Travel Market Report writes.

That’s either a problem or an opportunity for travel sellers, depending on whether they can partner with airlines to push ancillary products to travellers and track the sales.

A recent survey by day-of-travel data service FlightView concluded that 52% of business travellers would consider buying inflight perks if they were offered on their mobile gadgets before boarding. If they saw them, they would buy them.

Airlines should not only offer extras like premium seating, early boarding and checked luggage at the point of ticket sale, but also to passengers’ mobiles on the day of travel.


[pictured: Kaadedhdoo, Maldives; photo by Marc Sievert, travelphotos24.com]


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