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Bus hijacking “massacre”: more details emerge


Failed asylum seeker tried to slash his own throat

The 31-year-old accused of killing the bus driver and two passengers on an Valdresekpressen bus between the towns of Årdal and Tyin in western Norway on Monday evening was an asylum seeker from South Sudan, it has emerged.

The victims were the driver, Arve Haug Bagn, aged 55, Margaret Molland Sanden, a 19-year-old biotech student at the Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences, and an as yet unnamed Swedish man in his 50s.

The assailant was living at an asylum reception centre in Årdal. His application had been rejected in June and he was due to be deported to Spain on Tuesday under the Dublin Regulation, which determines the EU member state responsible for each asylum claim.

The failed asylum seeker is currently being treated in hospital in Bergen for slashing his own throat, according to leaked transcripts of emergency services radio calls.

“I would call it a massacre,” said police academy researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk said, despite the relatively small number of victims.

As previously reported, the incident evokes memories of a similar incident in 2003 when a Valdresekpressen bus was hijacked by a mentally disturbed 26-year-old Ethiopian man who killed the driver with a knife.

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[pictured: Morka-Koldedalen seen from Koldedalsvatnet, near Årdal]


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