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Bus crashes close to Stockholm Arlanda


Driver faints at wheel, drives bus with 72 passengers into ditch

A bus carrying 72 passengers crashed Sunday night on the E4 motorway just north of Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The 55-year-old driver reportedly passed out at the wheel. There are no reports of serious injuries, just cuts and bruises.
“I had just fallen asleep when I heard everyone start screaming,” one of the passengers told the newspaper Aftonbladet. “Suddenly the bus drove into the ditch and tipped over.”
Benny Eriksson, CEO of the bus operator Ceris Resor, explained later to the TT news agency that “the driver’s vision started to go black and then he fainted.” The double-decker bus had a second driver who tried to take the wheel but was not able to control the vehicle. Fortunately, the bus had lost a lot of speed before tipping over.
The bus was travelling from Värtahamn harbour in Stockholm. The passengers had just returned from the Åland Islands.
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[photo courtesy Jens Cedlind]


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