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Brits explore south Sweden in record numbers


UK visitors to Skåne up almost 30% so far this year
A rapidly growing affection for Nordic culture appears to be one of the reasons for a surge in the number of visitors from the UK to southern Sweden over the last year.
The number of Brits visiting the southern region of Skåne is up by 29% so far this year, with tourism chiefs there pointing to the success of hit TV shows for being behind the rise in interest.
“The increase is probably due to a number of reasons,” Sara Brynskog of Tourism in Skåne says. “From our perspective, we know there is an overall interest in Swedish culture and lifestyle. The Nordic food scene, nature in Skåne and also Nordic Noir, with The Bridge series and Wallander, have drawn a lot of attention.”
The number of international overnights in Skåne rose 10.6% in the first half of 2016 to 2.3 million, with growth highest among Britons, up by 9,518 nights. Every month of the year so far has seen record numbers of British tourists. UK visitors to Sweden as a whole rose 16.2% in the first six months.
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