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Brazilian Institute launches free basic Portuguese online course

ILC Brasil, the institute specialized in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language, introduces an open online course for those who wish to learn the basics of Portuguese.
The Instituto de Língua e Cultura Brasileira ILC Brasil is launching the “Basic Portuguese for Travelers” free online course. The course is already available at the institute’s website; and, it was designed for those who would like to learn basic communications skills in Brazilian Portuguese. It is free of cost and it is offered in versions for English, Spanish and French speakers.
Brazil has been the top travel destination in South America for its beaches, nature and Carnival. After the success of the 2016 Games, the country believes even more tourists will land on its shores. Research done by the organizers after both the 14′ World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, indicate the vast majority of visitors enjoy their trip to Brazil but considers the language barrier as the main issue that travelers face when visiting the country.
ILC Brasil hopes that a brief exposure to the basics of the language will make the travelers’ experience even greater. The open course covers the basic vocabulary and expressions that one needs to get by in a trip to Brazil — be that trip for leisure or business. Beyond that, “it can also be a great introduction to Portuguese for those who are interested in learning the language,” says Dr. Amanda Amaral, ILC Brasil’s Academic Coordinator.
The “Basic Portuguese for Travelers” course is being offered on ILC Brasil’s Open edX platform, the online learning platform developed by an MIT and Harvard consortium. According to Dr. Amaral, the MOOC — massive online open course — confirms “ILC Brasil’s commitment to the use of innovative technology in language education; moreover, it reinforces our mission to promote Brazil’s language and culture around the world.”
For more information, visit the site: www.linguaculturabrasil.com
About the company: Committed to offer the best Portuguese as a foreign language learning experience, the Instituto de Língua e Cultura Brasileira ILC Brasil offers group classes online and in Brazil. The institute is based in Rio de Janeiro.


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