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Brazil strike may bring chaos to World Cup


Dispute now focused on sacking of 42 subway workers

A strike in São Paulo is threatening to bring chaos to the day of the World Cup’s opening match. Union leaders will vote tomorrow on whether to continue a transport strike that began this week but was temporarily suspended today.

The dispute began over pay but is now focused on the sacking of 42 subway workers for alleged vandalism and misconduct. The Brazilian government insists it will not reemploy the workers.

Negotiations between leaders of the São Paulo metro workers’ union and the government broke down on Monday.

The decision to return to work temporarily is a show of “good faith in wanting to negotiate”, the union said. But workers will walk out again on Thursday, when Brazil play Croatia, if the 42 workers are not rehired.

About four million people use the metro each day. It is a vital means of transport in the traffic-clogged city.

The Wall Street Journal


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