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Boutique hotels should attract millennials


Attracting millennials is key to improving revenue strategies
Success for boutique hotels may mean attracting greater numbers of millennials, the single most significant travel demographic, says Robert Rauch, a US hotelier and hotel management consultant.
Millennials are fairly neutral on branded hotels, preferring to seek out a unique experience instead. Factors that attract a millennial traveller include urban renewals and interesting buildings adapted for one-of-a-kind stays.
Technology is important in their day-to-day lives, so Rauch recommends that Wi-Fi systems have enough bandwidth to meet their demands – in social spaces as well as in each guestroom.
Other factors boutique hotels should remember include: ensuring that better deals are possible the further out guests book a stay; adapting marketing to changes quickly; and getting the sales team to highlight all the aspects of the area that are attractive, like where a happy hour drink is possible after a meeting, whether at the hotel or nearby.
“The work hard, play hard mentality has taken the market by storm so even if a client is looking to host a business meeting, they will also be exploring what to do once their meeting is finished,” Rauch says.
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