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Bornholm Island continues to reinvent itself


These days the getaway is a “sustainable tourism paradise”
The quiet Danish island of Bornholm has reinvented itself as “an eco-friendly, foodie destination” with 250 kilometres of cycling routes, influential newspaper The Guardian writes.
For Danes, the island has rolling hills and steep cliffs that have always made a welcome change to flat Copenhagen. Closer to Poland than to the Danish capital, it even used to feel exotic.
Then it reinvented itself as a “gourmet island”, home to the celebrated restaurant Kadeau. Now its ambition is to be 100% green by 2025 – entirely carbon-neutral, based on sustainable renewable energy.
Along these lines is the new Green Solution House, the world’s first “cradle-to-cradle” (C2C) hotel, built with reusable or biodegradable materials. It was officially opened in April by Crown Prince Frederik.
But Bornholm is also a cycling paradise. “Since 1981, [Bornholm] has rolled out northern Europe’s largest network of cycling routes,” The Guardian writes, “paths crisscrossing and circling the island, many following forest tracks and disused railway lines far from any traffic.”
The island’s tourism agency says that 30,000 cyclists arrive every year. The newspaper makes its own recommendations for a tour on two wheels here.
The Guardian


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