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Book Fraport airport tours conveniently from home


Soon airport fans will be able to conveniently book the popular tours at Frankfurt Airport from the comfort of their home. There is considerable demand for the tours: every year around 150,000 visitors treat themselves to a ground-level experience of what makes the airport so fascinating. Starting on September, you can reserve tickets for the offered tours in a new online shop.

The website www.rundfahrten.frankfurt-airport.de will kick off this service with online reservation of the so-called “starter tours.” To book, simply select a tour, log in, and then conveniently and securely pay by credit card. It will of course also still be possible to purchase the starter tours at the tour counter in the Airport City Mall on Level 0 of Terminal 1. The tours will now only cost seven euros per person and be free for children younger than 4 and persons with a disability ID card as well as an authorized accompanying person.

The Visitors’ Terrace in Terminal 2 is closing on September 1 for remodeling work and will therefore temporarily not be included in the prices of the airport tours. The Food Plaza with McDonald’s will also remain closed until next year for major renovations that will give it a new, contemporary look. You can look forward to a big reopening event in the spring of 2015—details will be posted on www.besucherterrasse.frankfurt-airport.de


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