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Bomb threat on plane at Arlanda


Passengers stuck on Thai Airways aircraft for hours
A Thai Airways aircraft with 300 people all set to fly to Thailand was held on the tarmac for hours at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport before finally being evacuated after a bomb threat.
The aircraft had been ready to take off for the popular destination of Phuket at 20:45 last night when the police received information that this specific flight was targeted by a bomb. “The threat came on the phone, but not to us,” a police spokesperson said.
A bomb squad is reported to be examining the aircraft today.
One of the passengers, Ulrika Sten, was on the plane with her family. She told the news agency TT that the flight left the gate but then stopped and did not move. No information was given about the bomb alert.
“It was standing there for almost two hours. Once every half hour we were told that there were technical problems, and that the plane would be leaving soon,” she said.
At around 23:30, she saw an emergency vehicle, “then a police officer came and said we had to leave the plane. We were only allowed to bring phones and wallets.”
The passengers were told about the bomb threat after they had left the aircraft. They were then questioned about whether they had noticed anything suspicious. Part of the departures terminal was also evacuated.
TT / The Local


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