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Bomb attack scares tourists in Bangkok


Two pipe bombs explode at upscale shopping mall



Dramatically illustrating that political tension remains in the Thai capital Bangkok, two pipe bombs exploded on Sunday outside a luxury shopping centre popular with tourists. Nobody was hurt and there was little damage, but the incident shows that scaring tourists to drive away a critical source of the country’s revenue may be a new strategy adopted by forces opposed to the current regime.

Thai police said the attack was aimed at raising tensions in the city. The bombs are the first to hit Bangkok since the military seized power in May and imposed martial law.

The improvised devices exploded behind power transformers on an elevated walkway linking the Siam Paragon mall with an overhead railway. An official said they showed that martial law could not yet be lifted.

Also in Thailand at the weekend, around 200 foreign tourists escaped a fire that broke out in one of the two engines of the luxury Eastern Oriental Express train soon after it departed from Kanchanaburi in western Thailand en route from Bangkok to Singapore. The cause of the fire is not known but may be because of a fault in the 30-year-old engine, sources said.


[pictured: Siam Paragon]


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