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Boeing ups production on all commercial aircraft


Company increases 787 Dreamliner production rate to 3.5 a month

In an effort to meet a rising tide of demand, Boeing is increasing its production rates on all its commercial aircraft. It says it is on schedule to build 10 787 Dreamliners per month by the end of 2013, despite having to hurriedly check 55 of the aircraft for a “delamination” flaw recently discovered in the fuselage. “We will touch every single airplane,” said Larry Loftis, the manufacturer’s new head of the 787 program.
Loftis, the former leader of Boeing’s successful 777 program, took charge of the 787 last month. He confirmed that the company had now increased the 787 production rate to 3.5 each month, up from 2.5. Three years behind its original production schedule, Boeing has delivered only five 787s so far, all to All Nippon Airways. It delivered none in February.


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