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Boeing makes design changes to 737 MAX


MAX will have extended tail cone and integrated wing-engine design

A series of design changes have been made to the much anticipated 737 MAX, further optimising the performance of the new-engine aircraft. According to Boeing, improvements include an extended tail cone, which will improve the steadiness of the air flow, eliminating the need for vortex generators on the tail and resulting in less drag.
An integrated engine and wing design means that the aircraft’s CFM International LEAP-1B engines will be integrated with the wing in a similar way to the aerodynamic design of the 787 Dreamliner engine and wing. The flight controls, meanwhile, will include “fly-by-wire spoilers”, designed to save weight by replacing the old mechanical system. One more change is an “electronic bleed air system” that can increase the optimisation of cabin pressurisation and ice protection systems, resulting in better fuel burn.
[picture courtesy Boeing]


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