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Boeing delivers its 8,000th 737


Choice of customer appears to be no coincidence

Boeing has delivered the 8,000th 737 to come off the production line, which is going to United Airlines. The 737 is the first commercial airplane in history to reach this delivery milestone.

The program continues to have a strong backlog, with more than 3,700 airplanes on order, including 1,934 orders for the new 737 MAX.

The choice of customer for the 8,000th 737 appears to be no coincidence. United was the first airline to order and take delivery of the 737-200. Since 1965, the airline has taken delivery of more than 550 737s and operated nearly every model.

“The 737 program continues to innovate with new features and technology, meeting the needs of our customers now and into the future,” said Beverly Wyse, Boeing’s vice president and general manager for the 737 program. “Boeing has a long and treasured history with United Airlines, and we’re proud they’re taking delivery of this milestone airplane.”

Business Week

[photo courtesy Boeing]


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