Home News Boeing crashes in Russia killing 50 people

Boeing crashes in Russia killing 50 people


Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 was flying from Moscow

In another tragic accident highlighting the poor safety record of Russia’s regional airlines, a Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashed yesterday in Kazan, killing all 50 people on board including six crew members.

Among the victims were the son of the president of Russia’s Tatarstan province and the regional head of the FSB intelligence service. Flight U363 had come from Moscow Domodedovo.

Boeing is assisting in the investigation. The pilot was trying to abort its landing due to high winds and make a second approach when it crashed, according to emergency officials.

The plane lost altitude quickly, hit the runway and exploded, throwing wreckage across a wide area. The Boeing was leased and 23 years old.


[photo courtesy Tatarstan Airways]


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