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Body found in cruise ship ventilation shaft


Body of pensioner had been decomposing for months
The body of a pensioner has been found in the ventilation shaft of a cruise ship, where it had been decomposing for months.
The body of the 74-year-old passenger from Munich who disappeared from M/V Sharden, which can carry up to 2,900 passengers, was discovered in a shaft it is thought she fell into after wandering into the engine room.
The woman was sailing with her husband on the Tirrenia Sharden, technically a Ro-Ro ferry that carries cars as well as passengers, from Porto Torres in Sardinia to Genoa at the end of October.
The husband said “we rested in sleeping chairs. When I woke up later, my wife had disappeared”. The captain ordered the ship to be searched but the passenger could not be located, leading to speculation she could have fallen overboard.
The husband admitted that his wife was sometimes disorientated and could have wandered into the engine room but he criticised the crew for not securing this part of the ship.
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