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Biodiversity project of Ephelia Resort of Seychelles


In June 2011, the Constance Ephelia Resort of Seychelles was awarded a grant worth US$40,000 from the government of Seychelles’ “Mainstreaming Biodiversity” project funded by the Global Environment Facility.

The grant was to support a project initiated by Ephelia Resort and the NGO Sustainability for Seychelles aiming to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort and the surrounding areas. The objectives of the project are to enhance collaboration between the resort and community partners to promote better conservation of the natural areas near the resort; to improve conservation management of the Ramsar designated mangrove swamp in Port Launay on the main island of Mahe; and to raise awareness of resort staff, clients, and community on the importance of the environment and how they can help to protect it.

Under the project, the resort has produced an education video for clients and staff, a brochure for clients highlighting all of the environmental features of the resort, tips for having an eco-friendly holiday, and interpretive signboards to raise awareness of the importance of various habitats in the area. The resort has hosted a series of mangrove planting events involving the community and staff, focusing on regenerating degraded areas. A community workshop was held at the resort to involve all stakeholders in the development of a plan for better co-management of the mangrove swamp, which falls partly within the resort boundaries. Workshops for staff are now being planned to help them become environmental ambassadors for the resort and the community.


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