Home News Big pilot shortage behind US flight cuts?

Big pilot shortage behind US flight cuts?


Hundreds of flights cut at secondary US airports

American airports, large and small, have suffered major cuts in service ranging from 10% to 80% as airlines are forced to cancel flights in part due to a growing pilot shortage, the country’s Regional Airline Association argues.

Take Flight Tomorrow, a coalition of stakeholders working to repair the pilot supply pipeline and prevent additional losses to scheduled airline services, has released a list of 86 US communities that have lost 10% or more of their scheduled departures.

The list includes major international airports serving Cleveland (CLE), Memphis (MEM) and Louisville (SDF), as well as state capitals such as Tallahassee (TLH), Providence (PVD), Jackson (JAN), Harrisburg (MDT) and Cheyenne (CYS), and dozens of other airline-served airports across 33 states.

A shortage of pilots and the resulting cancelled departures have had a cascading effect on passengers, the association says: fewer flight options, diminished connectivity, longer layovers and fewer destinations.

TTG Nordic

[pictured: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport satellite view; photo courtesy NASA]


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