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Better focus on social media needed


Luxury hotel brands fine-tune marketing strategies
Many luxury hotels and hospitality brands have set up accounts on Google+, but the effort is proving fruitless, Luxury Daily writes, because consumers are not interested.
People are just not using this social media channel as much as, say, Facebook and Instagram, L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting insists.
“Many brands waste time and money on unnecessary platforms, instead of focussing on the key players,” said Fritz Dickamp, the consulting group’s managing director.
“Google+ is one of the most used platforms across all brands, which does however not reflect the number of followers in all parts of the world. Hence brands on Google+ are neither positioning themselves strategically efficient, nor budgeting for social media appearance correctly.”
Individual luxury properties understand the growing importance of social media, using an average of 3.7 different social media platforms.
Brands use Twitter and Facebook to solidify a lasting bond with consumers, and also use their loyal following to their advantage to create a better social media presence. No more than four social media platforms are advisable.
Ritz-Carlton has the most engagement across channels out of the brands the consulting group studied, while Dorchester Collection has the highest average followers for each individual property.
India’s Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces unveiled a video highlighting its philosophy, #Tajness, and streamed a party and announcement on Periscope. Some independent boutique hotels, meanwhile, are building awareness through Snapchat via a geofilter that excites guests.
Luxury Daily


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