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Berlin airport: opening date may slip again


Mid-March 2013 opening date for Berlin’s airport in doubt

The mid-March 2013 opening date for Berlin’s new airport is in danger of slipping once again. The new airport’s supervisory board failed to give a firm date this week and warned that they would not name an opening date until the middle of next month. Some insiders speculate that even a new date of sometime towards the end of 2013 could turn out to be too optimistic. Airlines, especially Lufthansa, are demanding a guaranteed date for the end of construction.
One reason for the delay in the announcement is that the project’s chief operating officer, Horst Annan, only recently brought a new team of trusted experts to the job. They may need a few weeks to get the huge delay-stricken project under control. However, the corporation in charge of the airport insists that “the opening date we expect is still 17 March 2013.” Yet Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit has said that the March 2013 date is in doubt. He has made it clear that, as happened earlier this year, “it can never again get to the situation where four weeks before the opening one has to say it is not going to work again. That would be fatal.”
DAPD/AFP/The Local


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