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BER opening delayed: latest on continuing flight operations in Schönefeld and Tegel until opening of BER


Airlines increase flight offerings / Shops, restaurants and services continue to be available for passengers in Schönefeld and Tegel / Tegel’s capacities stretched to the limit: airport company apologises to passengers for any inconvenience caused

According to previous plans, air traffic in the Berlin-Brandenburg region should have been concentrated at Berlin Brandenburg Airport on 3 June. As the opening date has now been rescheduled for 17 March 2013, former plans have now been scrapped. At the same time, customers and passengers are asking a number of questions: e.g. How will Berlin passengers be affected as of Sunday, 3 June 2012, the original opening date for Berlin Brandenburg Airport? How will the delayed opening of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport affect the existing airports Schönefeld and Tegel?


Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions, including answers (BER Part 2 to follow tomorrow):

Can the flights scheduled for BER be handled at the existing airports Schönefeld and Tegel?

Flights that should have been operated from the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport as of 3 June can be handled by Schönefeld and Tegel for the duration of the extended operational period. As things stand, the overall number of flight movements at the airports Schönefeld and Tegel are set to increase from 4,540 in the last week of May (21/05–27/05) to 4,567 in the first week of June (04/06–10/06). While the number of flight movements in Tegel will increase by 81, the number in Schönefeld will drop by 54 flight movements per week. Individual airlines have applied to operate flights in Tegel outside regular operating hours (6 a.m.–11 p.m.). A decision will be made shortly by the Berlin aviation authorities regarding these applications. It is a well-known fact that Tegel Airport has been operating at maximum capacity for some years now. We therefore apologise to passengers for any inconvenience this may cause. To be on the safe side, please allow extra time to get to and through the airport.

Which new routes will be offered from 3 June 2012?

17 new destinations will be served from Berlin in the 2012 summer flight schedule – including Trondheim as of March, Toulouse and Eindhoven as of April and Los Angeles, Windhoek and Gdansk as of May. As of 3 June, airlines will be offering eight new destinations, for example to Marseille, Kaliningrad, Valencia, Bologna and Bilbao.

What will happen with the flight I’ve already booked for BER?

For all the latest information on how this could potentially affect you, please consult the website of your airline or tour operator. Please contact your airline, tour operator or the airport call centre directly with any questions specifically relating to your flight:


airberlin – www.airberlin.com / +49 1805 737-800


Lufthansa – www.lufthansa.de / +49 1805 805805


easyJet – www.easyjet.com / +49 1805 029-292


Airport call centre www.berlin-airport.de / +49 180 500-0186


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