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Be enchanted by a romantic Valentine’s private capsule experience


London, England, January 31, 2012 How has Valentine’s Day become what it is currently known as, the event we adhere to so ardently in the modern era?

You may be unsure as to the genesis of Valentine’s Day. There is very little information available as to the identity of Saint Valentine; in fact, it has even been argued that there is more than one ‘Valentine’ and there are diverse accounts of the history of Valentine. Whilst there are, of course, ambiguities in relation to the authentic identity of Valentine, one thing that is certain is that he did in fact exist. This has been established as archaeologists found an ancient church and Roman catacomb consecrated to a Saint Valentine.

Despite the confusion as to his actual identity, Valentine had become one of the most celebrated saints in the France and the UK by the Middle Ages. This was also the era when Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his ‘Parliament of Fowls’, which is widely regarded as the major connection of St Valentine’s Day with romantic love.

Why spend your Valentine’s Day at the London Eye by London Tours? A London Eye experience truly will allow for an idiosyncratic and extraordinary Valentine’s Day that will stay engraved in your memories and the memories of your loved one for years afterwards. Why not bask in a sumptuous champagne experience on the Eye, or even invest in a ‘Cupid Capsule’, a capsule personally set aside for you and your paramour. This will make for a more personal, private Valentine’s Day to remember. This is not all: in your Cupid Capsule, you will be lavished with an exquisite bottle of champagne, a beautiful red rose and delectable chocolates.

Alternatively, you can try the Red Rose Experience. Become enthralled by overpowering outlooks over London with a red rose and chocolates included.

It is also a very sagacious choice to embark upon your London Eye flight as dusk falls, for a particularly enticing vision of the capital. You will be even more astounded by the sheer splendour of London’s landmarks than you would be by day.

You may be pondering how exactly to transcend the profit-making nature of Valentine’s Day. Ensure you make your Valentine’s Day a genuinely memorable experience for you and your inamorata. You genuinely should not be stuck for Valentine’s ideas; an widespread number of activities await. Yet rather than going for a traditional romantic meal, why not do something altogether more significant and noteworthy? Go on a mesmerizing flight on the London Eye and wonder at extremely striking, enthralling perspectives over the capital’s most magnificent landmarks. For the ultimate experience, why not combine a London Eye flight with a Valentine’s Day break?


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