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BA’s Top 100 list of films that inspired the traveling


During the summer holidays, many people enjoying the summer in Sweden and might like to take a trip abroad – but can not decide where to go. To help travelers along the way, BA has created a list of the 100 best films that inspire travel to a variety of destinations worldwide.

In a new study conducted by British Airways, which interviewed 2,000 travelers, it has been found that almost 40 percent of travelers ever been influenced by the film in their choice of destinations. The most inspiring films of travelers mentioned, drama thriller The Beach, and among men was The Hangover as the most inspiring movie. Makes you wonder how many trips to Las Vegas booked through this popular comedy!

– A great movie can inspire a lot! We were hundreds of movies to this list, including movies that inspire you to make your own travel, movies that evokes a desire to experience adventure and movies that inspire you to visit a specific destination – a country or a city, says Peter Rasmussen, Northern Europe at British Airways.

BA’s Top 100 list is in alphabetical order by titles of films and shows both where the movie was filmed and where it will play out (need not always be right at the point where the shot). The films have been selected by British Airways as they inspire travel – whether it be to a specific destination, or because they evoke a desire to travel and to go on a journey of discovery.


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