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Barossa Trike Tours promises fun-filled Barossa Wine Tours


NORTHUP WAY BELLEVUE – October 31st, 2012 – Adelaide, Australia –August 31, 2012: The most prominent and famous region in Australia for producing the highest grade of wine is Barossa. Situated just 60Km to the north-east of Adelaide, this place also boasts of having some scenic locales.

These two factors combine to make this region one of the most sought after holiday destination for people from across the globe. Barossa wine tours are the epitome of amusement, jolliness and entertainment.

If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, you should attend the ones conducted by Barossa Trike Tours, the most well known company organizing such tours in this region. The spokesperson from the company mentioned us about the specialty of this region and the way they can be best felt. In his words, “There are some small towns available within the region where the population is not much on the higher side.

There are some interesting lodges and inns that can be found while you step within the region. You need to experience the sheer beauty of this area and for this to happen, residing within the area is a must. You need to stay in this region at least for a couple of days. It is because, the Barossa tours are must to get conducted and enjoyed. And while you participate in it, an entire day will be spent on the process.” There’re some more highlights of this place for which it’s so renowned. You can visit the vineyards and see in person the fermentation and manufacturing of wine.

You can treat yourself with the bike tours or play golf. You can taste the delicious gourmet food at Maggie Beers renowned Farm Shop; indulge into the cheese prepared by Barossa Valley Cheese Co. etc.

To know more about the Barossa wine tours, you need to visit http://www.barossatriketours.com.au.

About Barossa Wine Tours:
Tony and Amanda Tscharke formed the Barossa Trike Tours in 2006. Their passion for motorcycles, wine and travel made them open this business more than earning money. Tony knows this place quite well and is an excellent guide and knows a lot about breweries too. They will take good care of you in the Barossa wine tours.


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