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Bandung an easy sell for long-haul buyers


Clients searching for exotic new destinations in Far East
Long-haul buyers say that Bandung and the surrounding area are great for clients who are searching for exotic new destinations and experiences in the Far East.
“To see the places of interest here and meet with local suppliers has given me ideas for new programs [beyond Thailand and Bali],” Faten Baini, general manager of Daily Tours Travel Lebanon, said at the West Java Travel Mart (JTX) 2016.
This helps her clients who are looking for new destinations in combination with Jogjakarta and Bali, she added.
“Travellers today are different from before. They want more experiences and Bandung as well as its surrounding areas have something for them,” Jeanette Hackenberg, assistant product manager of Explorer Fernreisen Germany, said.
“In the Ciater Tea Plantation, we can not only see the plants and try the tea, but learn the whole process from leaf picking to packaging. This is very interesting [for European clients].”
However, buyers from both Windrose Finest Travel Germany and Reiseservice WTF Austria, who have been selling overland tours in Indonesia for a long time, say Bandung needs new products as existing ones aren’t enough to lure tourists.
Elisabeth Koch, area and product manager of Reiseservice WTF Austria: “We cannot offer the same things all the time. The heritage sites and colonial buildings could at least be of interest if they were well maintained.”
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