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Bali still safe, pleads governor


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Cancellations mount as volcano rumbles
Concerns over the rumblings of Mount Agung have result in an estimated 20% to 30% of cancellations in bookings this month, Indonesia’s tourism ministry says.
But Bali’s governor, Made Mangku Pastika, stresses that Bali remains safe for travellers despite the volcano and is appealing to countries not to place travel warnings on the island.
It is difficult to identify the precise number of cancellations of individual travel programs to Bali due to a lack of concrete data, the ministry basing its assessment on average arrivals and average length of stay – normally 15,000 international daily with an average stay of four days.
A ministry media statement says that airlines, hotels and attractions in Bali are not affected by the cancellations related to the raised alert levels for Mount Agung.
In the meantime, the Bali government has developed contingency plans should the Mount Agung situation worsen and the Bali airport is required to close.
Last week, the governor informed consulates in Bali that the government would provide assistance to stranded travellers, such as helping them depart through neighbouring airports in Surabaya or Lombok.
“Should Ngurah Rai International Airport be closed due to Mount Agung’s eruption, we will help arrange their visas, accommodations and provide transport. We will take care of them the best we can,” he assured.
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