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Bali evolves as travel destination


Bali attracts bigger numbers of travellers from Asia

The popular travel destination of Bali is moving beyond catering only for Europeans, although the number of roundtrips from Europe is increasing. Bali’s market mix is changing to include more Asians. This means that investors are developing a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions and hotels – and in places that are not only close to the beach.
Large numbers of people from Singapore, Malaysia, China and the rest of Indonesia are travelling to Bali for lifestyle experiences such as shopping, culinary tours, spa and wellness.
“In the earlier days, travellers from Europe and the US came to Bali for the beach,” explains Marc Steinmeyer, director of Tauzia Hotel Management. “Today, Bali is attracting a wider range of travellers who have different interests.”
TTG Asia
[photo courtesy Indonesia Tourism]


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