Home Airlines BA plane catches fire on Las Vegas runway

BA plane catches fire on Las Vegas runway


Flames and black smoke rise from British Airways aircraft
There have been dramatic scenes at Las Vegas airport, as one of the engines on a London-bound British Airways plane caught fire as it was preparing to take off. Flames and black smoke rose from the aircraft while passengers escaped on emergency slides.
Around 50 firefighters rushed to the Boeing 777 and put out the fire in minutes. All 159 passengers and 13 crew aboard Flight 2276 got off the plane, but 14 people were taken to hospital for minor injuries, most from sliding down the inflatable chutes.
Flights to Las Vegas were delayed for several hours as the fire made two of the airport’s four runways inaccessible. The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but it didn’t appear to have reached the cabin.
Associated Press


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