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BA four-day strike this week


But airline insists there’s no impact on operations
Low-paid British Airways cabin crew say they will strike again this week, this time for four days, even though the airline claims that the walkouts are having no impact on operations.
The new strikes, scheduled for Friday February 17 to Monday February 20, are again being organised by Unite, a union representing around 2,900 crew members in BA’s mixed fleet. Executives say there will be no negotiations.
The airline cancelled 34 flights due to strike action last week but says that all passengers reached their destinations. Some affected flights have been being staffed with higher-paid crew and others have been operated by airlines such as Titan.
“BA should focus on addressing poverty pay in its mixed fleet, rather than continuing to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on chartering in aircraft to cover striking workers,” said Oliver Richardson, Unite’s national officer.
The Guardian


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