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Axiomtek is ready for new era of intelligent transportation


Axiomtek, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of innovative, high performance and reliable PC-based industrial computer products, offers advanced industrial-grade and ruggedized box computers and panel computers that are in compliance with railway standards and related regulations.  Designed with high performance and reliability in mind, these intelligent transportation product lines were made specifically to meet the complex demands of Mass Transit/public transport, high speed rail and rolling stock applications.

They were built and tested for a range of extreme conditions including drops, vibration, shocks, dust-resistance and temperature extremes.  These high-performance computers can be operated using green power and various peripheral interfaces for applications such as intersection traffic control, passenger infotainment system, video surveillance, passenger information system, automatic gate operations. With over 20 years of experience in industrial and embedded computing, Axiomtek is the leading expert manufacturer of railway computer hardware.  The company proudly offers products that meet certifications and regulatory requirements.  Its design capabilities and ability to provide long-term partnership and customer support make Axiomtek the best choice for intelligent transportation product needs.

“Today, we are moving into a new era of intelligent transportation.  Every country in the world lists the public transport as one of the major national development projects.  The Taoyuan Aerotropolis project in Taoyuan County in Taiwan is one of the best examples.   By interconnecting the Aerotropolis MRT system with the current Airport Access MRT system, this complex network can effectively transport Taiwan populations in all directions.  Since rail transport can be considered a type of sustainable transport, many cities are moving towards improving their current systems to be more environmental friendly and incorporating the following characteristics as key project considerations, i.e., energy saving, high loading, low pollution and high safety level.  Rail transport supports massive traffic volume in the most effective manner.  It is fast, reliable and helps reduce urban traffic congestion and parking problems as well as air pollution.  Our railway solutions are designed to meet all of the demands of the new era of intelligent transportation,” said Roger Shyu, product manager of Product Marketing Division at Axiomtek.

Axiomtek’s advanced tBOX321-870-FL adopts onboard high-performance Intel® Core™ processor and onboard DRAM which greatly reduce the impact of vibration and shock in railway environments.  It is certified with EN50155/EN50121 for rolling stock, and complied with EN45545-2 for fire resistance which greatly advancing the system performance and reliability.  This compact, embedded box computer has an IP40-rated and rugged aluminum extrusion and steel case.  It can operate in critical environments with temperature ranging from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F).  For system reliability and stability, Axiomtek’s tBOX321-870-FL offers M12 type of LAN, USB 2.0, power input, and audio port which keep all cables tightly secured.  Two front-side SATA3 HDD drive bays with RAID 0/1 function are lockable and removable. Its anti-vibration design can endure up to 5Grms (with SSD or CFast) and 1Grms (with HDD).  Three PCI Express Mini Card slots are added to the system for greater expansion capability.  One SIM slot is also available for 2G/3G/4G, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth applications, allowing for more efficient networking options.  In case of emergency, the tBOX321-870-FL can provide a stable, reliable and effective communication to the control center, dispatch attendant and driver.  Axiomtek’s tBOX321-870-FL received the prestigious “2014 Taiwan Excellence Award” from the Taiwan’s Ministry of Economics Affairs for Excellence in Design and R&D.  This application-ready platform is perfect for many transportation applications including mobility control unit, passenger information systems and transportation video surveillance systems.

The most common rail-related accident occurs at railroad crossing.  Without a clear eye-witness account of the unfortunately event, it’s difficult to determine the accident’s cause, responsibility and future prevention steps.   Through remote wireless transmission technique, a video from the railway’s surveillance system at each railroad crossing can be transmitted to the control center to promote safety and accident prevention.  Axiomtek’s eBOX660-872-FL is a designed to serve the unique requirements of rail safety.  This specialized embedded box computer is equipped with powerful Intel® Core™ processor, high performance DDR3 memory, rich network and wireless connection capabilities (WiFi or 3G/GPRS). The eBOX660-872-FLis equipped two PCI Express Mini Card slots and two SIM card sockets with eight isolated DI/DO.  It’s allowing for connectivity to a sensor or camera for environment control and security management.   For noiseless and reliable operation in critical environments, this rugged unit has excellent fanless and thermal design, and can stand operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F).  Its rugged aluminum cold-rolled steel enclosure possesses anti-vibration advantage, which protects the entire system from vibration up to 3 Grms (with CFast™).  With the great graphics computing capability and dual-view support, this embedded platform is also suited for automatic optical inspection, digital signage, digital surveillance, gaming, automation control, embedded controller, factory automation and POS/Kiosk.  Axiomtek’s eBOX660-872-FL was also awarded the “2014 Taiwan Excellence Award” for Excellence in Design and R&D.

Another Axiomtek product designed to serve the unique needs of the transportation industry is the rugged DIN-rail controller, rBOX101-6COM (ATEX).  The system can be used to manage various functions related to train operations, e.g., automatic door control in train, MRT or high speed rail station.  The rBOX can serve as the control unit for a train’s doors to open and close rapidly, safely and continuously to accommodate large flow of human crowds.  This rugged system is equipped with the ultra-low power Intel® Atom™ processor Z520PT, six isolated COM ports and isolated digital I/O and is built to withstand extreme environments.  It operates in temperature ranging from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) and has an ATEX anti-explosive certification, making the unit more reliable and stable in potentially explosive environments.  To streamline the implementation of management software application, Axiomtek has exclusively launched the “AXView,” its own proprietary system management software solution for customers who want to customize their own remote management system with ease.  This hardened, feature-rich embedded system is among one of the most thoughtful creations in the industry.  Deservedly, the rBOX101-6COM (ATEX) was also awarded the “2014Taiwan Excellence Award.”  Despite the fact that the system is designed to serve the complex needs of the transportation industry, the rBOX101-6COM(ATEX) can also be used for other indoor and outdoor industrial applications, i.e., power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, intelligent transportation systems.

With the rapid growth of railways and the increasing number of trains and passengers, it is important to set up the railway dispatch and command center to effectively monitor the status of train operations.  Axiomtek’s GOT3187W-832-PCT is an 18.5″ WXGA fanless touch panel computer that can be used in harsh environments with an operating temperature range from -10°C to +50°C (14°F to +122°F).  The slim, multi-touch PCT panel PC offers great performance using low power consumption Intel® Atom™ processor.  Among many important features this panel computer has to offer, the GOT3187W-832-PCThasone PCI Express Mini Card slot for wireless network connection to support the growing demands of wireless applications.  By simply plugging in the WLAN mini card, the users can have instant access to a variety of wireless LAN/GPRS/GSM/3G/4G/LTE networks.  Axiomtek’s GOT3187W-832-PCTwas also awarded the “2014 Taiwan Excellence Award” and is also suitable for many applications including marine, heavy industry, and oil pipe monitoring systems.

The tBOX321-870-FL railway box computer, the eBOX660-872-FL fanless embedded box computer, the rBOX101-6COM (ATEX certified) DIN-rail system, and the GOT3187W-832-PCT rugged human machine interface are available for purchase.  For more product information, please visit our global website www.axiomtek.com or contact our sales representative at info@axiomtek.com.tw.


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