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Awards: “Last chance to make someone a hero”


Results of responsible tourism awards to be revealed at WTM

Nominations close at the end of today for the 10th World Responsible Tourism Awards, sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism. Today is the “last chance to nominate to make someone a hero”, the organisers of the awards say.
The results will be announced on November 6 at the World Travel Market in London, during World Responsible Tourism Day.
Two of the most hotly debated categories chosen for this year’s awards are water conservation (for example using alternative water sources, installing low-flow showerheads, training staff to use water more efficiently, sharing the benefits of initiatives with local communities) and child protection (protecting children from labour and sexual exploitation in tourism; increasing access to a proper education).
Another award is for responsible tourism campaigning. Sometimes, tourism developments create very negative effects on the environment and deteriorate the quality of life of local communities. Nominations can be for a community group fighting against irresponsible tourism developments in their village or town, or an organisation advocating fairer workers’ rights in hotels or proper equipment for porters or guides. The potential winner could also be a community trying to eliminate rubbish generated by tourism activities (such as litter from tourists, waste from hotels) or an organisation working to protect wildlife in touristic areas (e.g., turtle hatching).
For a chance to win a walking holiday in Gozo with the company Headwater, voters can nominate for the various awards by clicking on: http://www.responsibletravel.com/awards/
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