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Austrian: “Fokker & Dash to feature new cabin design”


Austrian Airlines has finished refurnishing and redesigning all its Fokker and Dash 8-400 aircraft. As a result, all 47 aircraft in the Austrian Airlines short-haul fleet will be appearing in the new cabin design with immediate effect.

The entire visual has been adjusted to the colour concept of the Europa cabin. The seats and carpet are in an elegant grey, immersed in typically Austrian red accents. The colours used in the new design differ sharply from the appearance to date. Above and beyond this, all the seats have been fitted with leather upholstery: a total of 1,064 seats have been upgraded with the new leather covers on the airline’s 14 aircraft of the type Dash 8-400. The entire Fokker fleet, which includes eight Fokker 70 and fifteen Fokker 100, have also been refitted, with 2,055 new leather seats used.

“Bright green is yesterday’s look. An elegant grey is today,” Karsten Benz, CCO Austrian Airlines, said of the final departure of the company’s old colour concept. “Our new design places us way ahead in customer surveys. The new cabin combines modern design with comfort.”

Entire Austrian fleet given new cabin design

The refitting of the entire Austrian Airlines fleet is now complete. The domestic carrier began modernising its cabins in 2011. The first step was to equip the entire medium-haul fleet, all aircraft of the Airbus A320 family, with the new Europa cabin. The core element in the new cabin was the completely redeveloped seat in a light-weight construction. Since August 2013, the Austrian long-haul fleet, which consists of six Boeing 767 and four Boeing 777, has also been flying with a new cabin. As well as a new level of seating comfort in Economy Class, its new look includes a modern in-flight entertainment system for non-stop entertainment on demand throughout the cabin, and innovative Business Class seats which can be transformed into full-flat beds. Austrian has now completed the final stage in the refitting and redesigning of its short-haul fleet. The entire fleet of the Austrian Airlines Group, which currently includes 76 aircraft, now features a unified visual with grey tones and red accents.


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