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Austrian Airlines starts hiring again with turnaround


Austrian will look for 400 new employees in coming years
After a long period of painful cost-cutting and staff disputes, Austrian Airlines now says it wants to expand again and is looking for 400 new employees over the next three to five years
Last October, the Lufthansa unit signed a collective wage agreement with pilots and cabin crew. Now it forecasts revenues to rise by about 10%, to reach €2.31 billion, adding 1.5 million passengers to reach 12.7 million.
“We anticipate growth in passenger volume, revenue and the total number of our employees during the upcoming three to five years,” Heinz Lachinger, chief financial officer, said. “We will continually keep an eye on costs and profitability.”
Together with the rest of Lufthansa Group, Austrian will launch a new strategy that includes some no-frills tickets without checked-in baggage or food on board, plus a greater focus on tourist destinations, including long-haul to Miami, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.


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