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Athens International Airport’s new Targeted Incentives’ Scheme for winter period 2013-2014


The New Targeted Incentives correspond to discounts ranging from 30% to 77% on AIA’s aeronautical charges

In line with its consistent effort to support its airline partners and with its risk-sharing policy, Athens International Airport introduces for the winter period 2013-2014, three substantial incentives, aiming to support airlines and incentivize them on sustaining or increasing traffic during the winter low traffic season, amid the current adverse period for the Greek economy and the aviation sector. AIA’s incentives not only are they  focused  on incentivizing airlines’ developmental decisions, but they also take into account traffic developments during this difficult period. With these measures, AIA participates even more in its airline partners’ risk, while at the same time the airport’s existing developmental incentives scheme continues.


AIA’s new incentives for the winter period

(November 2013 – March 2014)

Winter Low Fares Incentive

Ranging from 5 to 15 euros per passenger

In order to encourage airlines to sustain and / or increase the number of the promotional fares distributed to the market and thus stimulate demand for air travel and in line with its risk-sharing philosophy, AIA re-introduces the special winter incentive. It offers discounts which may range from 50% to 65% on AIA’s passenger charges for all low fare tickets to all domestic or international routes out of Athens.


Niche Routes Incentive

Ranging from 5 to 10 euros per passenger

In order to stimulate additional traffic and attract new direct services from niche markets that are currently not operated to / from Athens, AIA is offering the existing applicable “New International Route Incentive” plus a fixed return amount per departing passenger (from 5 to 10 euros), resulting  to discounts up to 77% on AIA’s aeronautical charges per passenger.


Load Factor Incentive

10 euros per exceeding passenger

In addition to the above, AIA, aiming at supportingairlines’ load factors and encouraging airlines to increase their traffic out of Athens, offers a fixed return amount of 10 euros per additional passenger to those carriers that will exceed the threshold load factors, provided that each eligible airline does not demonstrate a decline in the total number of traffic, frequencies, & capacity on the specific route, compared to the previous respective season.

Despite the fact that aeronautical charges are not a determining factor for passenger traffic development, with this set of targeted incentives corresponding to significant discounts (from 30% to 77%) on its aeronautical charges, as well as with strong Marketing Support offered to all airlines operating to / from Athens, AIA seeks to contribute significantly towards stimulating the potential of Athens aviation market during this particularly adverse economic situation.


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