Home News At least 30 killed in Siberia plane crash

At least 30 killed in Siberia plane crash


UTair ATR 72 came down after taking off from Tyumen

A plane crash has killed at least 30 people (initially reported 29 killed), shortly after an ATR 72 twin-engine aircraft took off from the western Siberian city of Tyumen. Reports say that 14 people survived the accident, which occurred at around 07.50 this morning, local time. The UTair plane, carrying 39 passengers and four crew to the city of Surgut, also in Siberia, came down around 30 kilometres from the airport. The cause of the tragedy is not yet known. Rescue teams found wreckage of the cabin on fire.
It is the latest in a long succession of air accidents involving Russia’s ageing fleet, which the country’s leadership has pledged to renew.
[pictured: UTair Aviation ATR 42; photo by E233renmei]


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