Home News Arrests made over airport diamond robbery

Arrests made over airport diamond robbery


Police make 31 arrests in three European countries

Police in three countries have made 31 simultaneous arrests in connection with one of the world’s biggest robberies of diamonds, stolen in a daring raid at Brussels airport in February. The arrests were made in Belgium (24 suspects), Switzerland (six) and France (one). Large sums of money and some of the diamonds were recovered.
As reported at the time, rough diamonds worth an estimated €50 million was snatched in an armed raid at the airport. Dressed as police, the thieves used laser-sighted weapons but no shots were fired. They targeted the cargo of a Swiss-bound Helvetic Airways plane and a Brink’s diamond and jewellery services truck, holding up staff at gunpoint. Police later found their burned-out vehicle close to the airport. The “rough stones” had been on their way from Antwerp to Zurich.


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