Home News Are you a nice passenger or annoying?

Are you a nice passenger or annoying?


What do cabin attendants really think of you?

A new survey shows what flight attendants really think about their passengers. The travel search website Skyscanner asked more than 700 international cabin staff around the world. The most annoying passenger habits are:
Clicking fingers to get their attention (26%)
Leaving the seat before the seatbelt sign is off (13 %)
Too many bags in the overhead bins (11%)
Complaining there’s no space for carry-on bags (10%)
Talking during the safety demo (9%)
Asking for more blankets or pillows (8%)
Putting rubbish in the seat pocket (7%)
Asking for a different meal (6%)
Ringing the call button to complain about cabin temperature (6%)
Demanding a specific brand of drink (4%)
[photo courtesy Icelandair]


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