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Are tips rising to 25%?


Waiters in New York no longer expect just 20%

Some employees in the service industry are trying to take bigger and bigger tips off customers. Even generous tippers are getting annoyed by a “sense of entitlement” replacing the time-honoured idea that a big tip is given as a reward for a job well done. “Suggested” gratuities in New York, for example, can now run to 25% or even 30%. Tip jars, previously little seen in New York, are now everywhere, at newsstands, cashiers, supermarket baggers and dry cleaners.
Michael Lynn, a professor of consumer behaviour at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration points to the upward shift of restaurant tips, which are now standard at 20%. He found that 37% of customers at one New York restaurant were tipping more than 20%. In his research, waiters often tell him, “We want 25% now.”
New York Post
[pictured: Tom’s Restaurant, NYC; photo by R Dikeman]


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