Home News Are these the world’s worst ever tourists?

Are these the world’s worst ever tourists?


The Norwegian who passed out on an airport luggage belt?

An Australian publication has nominated its candidates for the world’s most badly behaved tourists in living memory:

1. The young man from Colombia who, in 2009, mocked one of the Queen’s Guards in front of Buckingham Palace. The guardsman broke ranks to give the tourist an angry shove from behind.

2. The three British tourists who stole a fairy penguin named Dirk from Sea World Australia, then posting the whole thing (including an unauthorised swim with dolphins) on Facebook. Luckily Dirk was found waddling abandoned on a beach the next day.

3.  The 15-year-old Chinese boy, traveling in Egypt, who etched his name on a 3,000-year-old hieroglyph, noting he “was here” (in Chinese, of course). His mother later apologised.

4. The 36-year-old Norwegian man who got so drunk at an airport in Rome that he passed out on the luggage belt and fell asleep, even passing through an X-ray machine without waking up.

International Business Times

[Cartoon by Body and Soul International – www.bodyandsoulinternational.com]


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