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Apps increasingly used by meeting planners


Mobile event apps enjoy growth but there are limits

Mobile event apps continue to enjoy torrid growth, a new survey of international meeting planners finds, with 60% of planners surveyed using an app for at least one of their events in the last two years.

However, while the popularity of events apps is clearly on the rise, those immersed in the industry believe that adoption is far lower across the entire portfolio of meetings and events.

The findings of the first IMEX Group and QuickMobile mobile event technology research study were presented at IMEX in Frankfurt yesterday. IMEX continues at Messe Frankfurt until tomorrow.

Corbin Ball, one of the industry’s premier meetings technology consultants, indicated the 60% adoption rate is probably true of larger flagship events with more than 250 participants.

“There are 1.8 million meetings in the US each year, many of which have fewer than 100 attendees. It will take some time for event apps to be utilised in smaller corporate meetings, but it is definitely coming,” he said.

There is enormous room for growth, the research indicated, as just over a third of respondents have mobile apps in their budget only “some of the time” and a full 42% have never included an app in their event budgets.

“It’s clear that while more event planners are using mobile apps and seeing them as 365-day communication tools, they are just beginning to discover their strategic value. We definitely have room to grow,” said Patrick Payne, CEO of QuickMobile.

Among the key findings of the research is that despite having significantly less experience with mobile event apps, meeting planners across the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region are much more concerned about security and data privacy (78%) than their North American colleagues (69%). For both groups, security concerns decrease once they have used an app.

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