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Another air disaster in Indonesia


Plane wreckage spotted in remote Papua
A search is starting for wreckage of a plane in one of the world’s most remote land areas. The wreckage of the Indonesian twin turboprop carrying 54 passengers and crew has been spotted in the region of western Papua.
The Trigana Air flight was flying from the provincial capital Jayapura to the town of Oksibil when it lost contact short of its destination at 14:55 local time (06:55 CET) yesterday.
Local people living in the mountainous Bintang region report finding the wreckage and a search plane has also spotted debris.
Besides passengers – who include five children – the ATR42-300 was also carrying bags of cash, about 6.5 billion rupiah (€440,000), to help people living in remote villages.
Trigana Air has had 14 serious incidents since it began operations in 1991, losing 10 aircraft. It has been on an EU blacklist of banned carriers since 2007. All but four of Indonesia’s certified airlines are on the list.
BBC / MSN / Aviation Safety Network


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