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Another 24-hour strike as World Cup begins


Latest in a series of strikes at this crucial time

Airport workers in Rio de Janeiro are on a 24-hour strike during Thursday, the opening day of the World Cup. It is the latest in a series of strikes hitting cities in Brazil at this crucial time, risking damage to the country’s image as the host nation of a major international event.

Unions are exerting leverage at a time when the government is trying to avert major problems, The New York Times reports. However, subway workers in São Paulo voted not to continue their strike.

Employees at Rio’s international airport and two domestic airports are demanding better working conditions and a new collective bargaining agreement. But unions say 80% of the airport’s workforce will keep working during the strike.

It is not clear how the walkout will affect the flow of thousands of visitors into the city. A number of World Cup matches are scheduled to be held in Rio, including the final.

Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport is popularly known by its original name Galeão International Airport. It saw 17.1 million passengers in 2013.

The New York Times

[pictured: Rio de Janeiro airport]


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