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Animal protection acts against cruise line


World Animal Protection targets Cayman turtle farm
World Animal Protection is campaigning for Carnival Cruise Lines to stop sending tourists to the Cayman Turtle Centre – the only attraction in the world that farms endangered sea turtles for tourist entertainment and human consumption.
Sea turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre tourist attraction, formerly named the Cayman Turtle Farm, are kept in small, shallow, overcrowded tanks. They’re used to entertain tourists, then sold to local restaurants to be eaten, World Animal Protection says.
Cayman Turtle Centre relies heavily on cruise ships. More than 200,000 people visit the attraction each year, three quarters of whom are cruise passengers.
Concerns about the centre were first raised in 2012 when an investigation revealed more than 8,000 turtles held in “cruel captivity” at the venue. Reports also found evidence of genetic defects, disease, stress, unnatural diet, birth defects, even cases of cannibalism among the turtles.
“This major cruise company is currently turning a blind eye to animal suffering on an alarming scale,” said Neil D’Cruze, World Animal Protection senior wildlife advisor.
In their natural ocean habitats, green sea turtles can dive to depths of up to 140 metres and travel up to 5,000 kilometres a year. But stuck in shallow, crowded tanks, they have little freedom.
Tourists are also at risk. In 2014, 1,268 turtles died from an outbreak of clostridium, a bacterium responsible for botulism – a disease that poses a risk to tourists too. A petition can be found here.
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