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Angry Ryanair passengers beg for rescue


Crew refuse to provide refreshments during long wait

Angry passengers stranded on the tarmac in a Ryanair plane for over three hours with no food or drink finally rebelled against the crew and called the police for help.

Around 50 calls were reportedly made to police before an officer arrived to calm the situation and let passengers off the plane, according to the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

More than 100 people had boarded for the flight from London Stansted to Porto in Portugal shortly after midnight, but had to wait for the plane to be refuelled as the airport had closed. Cabin crew refused to provide refreshments.

People begged the crew for assistance, as can be seen in a Youtube video posted by passenger João Pinheiro.

“There’s nothing to eat or drink,” one man shouts to a male flight attendant. “You are ignoring your passengers who are asking for help. Aren’t you flight attendants? Is everybody crazy?”

In a statement, the airline apologised, blaming poor weather conditions as well as handling company Swissport for the delay. The flight finally took off at 07:50.

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[photo: Youtube/João Pinheiro]


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