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Angry Birds theme parks to launch worldwide


Activity parks ready to be built in Finland and beyond

Activity parks with an Angry Birds theme are ready to be built around the world, after the first is constructed in Finland this summer. Rovio, the Finnish developer of what has become the most popular paid-for mobile app of all time (downloaded over 10 million times) has signed an agreement on creating and maintaining the new chain of parks with the playground equipment specialist Lappset Group. Locations in the UK will follow the Finland opening. An unauthorised Angry Birds park opened in China last year – the Window of the World Park in Changsha.
In the game Angry Birds, players use slingshots to aim and shoot chubby birds at pigs hiding in destructible buildings. The parks, however, will have a range of interactive features and “exclusive” downloads. An assortment of Angry Birds merchandising including toys and clothes is already on the market.
[pictured: Window of the World Park, Changsha, China]


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