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Anger over ticket prices in Denmark


Overseas ticket agents storm Danish market
Tickets for upcoming concerts of big-name bands and singers in Denmark are being sold for more than double the actual sales price, after the arrival on the market of two non-Danish ticket companies. The practice of reselling tickets at a higher price is illegal in Denmark.
Tickets were released on Friday to a Gorillaz gig for between DKK 400 and DKK 690 (€54 to €93). Several hours later, the international ticket website Stubhub, which is owned by eBay, was selling them for DKK 1,000 to DKK 2,000.
Thanks to Google advertising, Stubhub tops search results for a Justin Bieber concert in Aarhus in June, offering tickets for up to DKK 10,600. The official website lists tickets at DKK 1200.
The aggressive Google marketing has led many to believe the concert is sold out, which it is not, assures Nicolai Hommelhoff of Live Event Aarhus.
The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority is urging people who overpaid for tickets to report the seller to the police.
Viagogo is also reported to be overcharging for tickets to shows in Denmark. Both it and Stubhub are being marketed in Danish but are registered in Switzerland, the UK and Spain, legislation is more lenient.
DR Nyheder / The Local


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